– Hello –

I am Deama, the person behind Demzelle – not in distress.
Demzelle is my artist name (derived from Damsel and Mademoiselle)
and this is my e-zine, created to help inspire my readers
and communicate to them matters of the world.

I come from an art and design background and hold a MSc in
Service Leadership and Innovation. Because of my interest in both arts
and sciences, I learned to merge both fields and express myself
in everything I do. I am always eager to learn, socialize and work for a cause.

Having lived in Dubai my whole life, I feel blessed to be in the midst
of an unfolding vision, which is part of what inspired me to start a blog.
Here I am now, sharing my little stories and thoughts
that revolve around leadership, lifestyle, inspiration and creativity.

I believe in empowering others and giving them the courage to pursue
their dreams. What more efficient way to do that than by sharing
my own experience and knowledge?

My posts come in the form of stories and little adventures.
I present topics under:
art | style | events | reviews | interviews | monthly favorites
inspiring things | personal management.

I explore a theme every month.
If you’re as confused as I am, let’s connect!
Or get to know a little more about me here.

Art (Gallery) – Features art that is either done by me or other artists.
Event (Venture) – Features a favorite event during each month.
Inspiring things (Muse) – Features inspirational topics/ things I find inspiring.
Interview (Dialogue) – Features conversations with Creatives in different fields.
Diary Entry (Journal) – Features some of my personal thoughts and projects.
Monthly favorites (Spotlight) – Features my top 5s of various topics.
Personal management (Guide) – Features personal advice on general topics.
Review – Features my review on different products, services, events, etc…
Style (Lookbook) – features outfits by me or other people.
Editions (Cover) – to view all e-zines and navigate through the website easily.