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discussing a deeper side to street photography

The year 2016 was made special because of the many people I managed to encounter, including talented individuals who share my love for arts and creativity.

Meeting Ash was a brilliant experience and a truly remarkable one. We had originally started communicating through Instagram and it was apparent to me how much talent this person has. It was decided that we would meet and talk!

Recently, Ash and I went off on a stroll in Dubai’s Old Souk and had a random shoot there. We explored more of Dubai’s hidden treasures and discussed different topics, as well as photography:

1.  Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into photography?
Traveling, photography and words always inspire me. I am very passionate about photography; taking photos is an integral part of my life. I was very young when I first interacted with a camera and really enjoyed it. I was sure from the beginning that this was something I will always love doing. Even though I didn’t have my own camera for a very long time, I was happy to buy one myself a few years back and have been shooting since then.

2. What cameras accompany you on a usual photoshoot?
I use a Nikon D7000 and a PentaxK1000 film camera.

3. What is your favorite function in any manual camera?
ISO and aperture priority is what I mostly use for street photography as it helps me to capture sudden random moments happening on the street.

4. How do you push yourself to improve and take better photos?
There is a story in every scene whether it’s a daily chore or an event. The best way to improve is to shoot more – to go out there and do what you are afraid to do. If you are afraid to take random pics of people, then feel free to talk to them and ask to take a photo, knowing that not everyone will agree but always remember to approach with a smile. Go beyond what is normal and the risk you take will give you an unique photo. Always be yourself and your photos will speak for you.

5. Who do you consider to be an inspiration in the photography field?
As I am new to photography, I am still learning from and about other photographers and I admire their unique style of capturing. Brandon’s Humans of New York inspired me with his way of interviewing people, but I always prefer more of candid shots of people and I try to capture more of those moments and their stories in my photos. A picture should speak for itself, as it directly connects with the viewer in different levels depending on the individual. Every picture tells a story if you really look close.

6. What do you try to relay through your photos?
Photography means different things to different people. It’s kind of self expression for me. It’s the way how I see and feel people around me. I try to capture and also reflect inner beauty and characters of people, to tell the world that we all are beautiful regardless of how we look and where we all come from and the main aspect is to be kind and to love one another.

7. Finally, any wishes for the coming year 2017?
Yes, more love and peach for the world – it’s a forever wish.
Also, to meet more people like yourself!

(Thanks, Ash.)

On another note: check out Ash’s Instagram account for more stunning portraits and photos.

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