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– BOLDtalks Woman 2016 –

BOLDtalks are series of events that host a selection of acclaimed international speakers that present on a range of diversified discussions. All BOLDtalks discussions are for you – the community. They are about putting the presented topics into a personal and intimate context, for you to learn what they might mean to you.

If you live in the UAE and haven’t yet attended a BOLDtalks Dubai event, then you’re missing out. Founded by the wonderful couple Tamer Nahas and Enida, BOLDtalks aim to bring together the community and address subjects that are engaging and innovative. Their events have been running successfully since May 2010 and continue to create a remarkable atmosphere.

Although there aren’t particular themes that BOLDtalks usually revolve around, the events are used as a platform to discuss many underlying situations that create a unique experience to attendees, speakers and moderators alike. This year, I had the pleasure of attending BOLDtalks Woman 2016 at DUCTAC; a surely spectacular event (not a conference) that focusses on woman empowerment and taboo topics in the region.

The opening act was performed by the talented Natasha Dahdaleh playing the drums on stage! I have to admit – it was a pleasant surprise. Shortly after, the Event Moderator Sandi Rich Saksena briefly introduces the lineup and some of the things the event has in store. The lineup included writer and journalist Joumana Haddad, Dr. Rajesh Devassy, artist Farah Nasrawi and others. Though I have to admit, my favorite act was presented by the lovely Hibo Wardere, who shared her shocking story on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and how she, as a victim, survived that experience and continues to suffer after all those years.

Some of the stories the speakers shared made the attendees feel either uneasy, surprised, empathetic, happy or a mix of everything. Overall, it was inspiring and displayed social engagement in the community. It was an experience well-worth trying and I would urge viewers to keep an eye out for the next BOLDtalks! They are willing to listen to your feedback and suggestions – so don’t feel shy to get in touch.

On another note: you can choose to volunteer at one of their events by visiting their website  and filling in the form with your preferred method of volunteering.

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