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“All delicious, all at Iris Yas Island. Bring your family and appetite to Iris Picnic Brunch haven every Saturday from 12pm until 4pm”

What better time for a brunch in the UAE than in its early stages of spring? That is, before it becomes unbearably hot to go out and enjoy nature. I went as Dee’s guest to Iris Yas Abu Dhabi along with other media and press members to the Mother’s Day Brunch.

Mothers were gifted aprons as a small token of thanks for their efforts and everyone got to enjoy the beautiful weather and great food. Dee and I feasted on some Nutella waffles with strawberries to start off our breakfast/ brunch. Of course, we proceeded to try out the whole selection of food afterwards, including tacos, sushi, pasta and other things to munch on.

The atmosphere and view in the area were stunning; we were surrounded by water, greenery and lively music. Apart from that, we took the time to shoot photos and short videos for our blogs.

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Song: Hiding  (remix) – San Solo

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