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a stroll down memory lane with ArtintheCity’s Project Manager Caroline Mosley

Intelligent, sophisticated and beautiful, Caroline is a person that shines with her bright and demure personality (and blond hair). She’s the angel that took me under her wing and taught me how to act in all sorts of professional situations throughout my (almost) two years at ArtintheCity.

After having been under her care during that time span, I can say that she was part of the reason why I chose to pursue a higher degree in management. She’s one of the most diligent people I know and continues to excel in her field, which is why I wanted to share a bit of what she does:

1. What is your favorite part about working at ArtintheCity?
Through our ArtMap publication, ArtintheCity.com, and the ArtBus, I’m lucky enough to witness firsthand the growth of the UAE’s arts and cultural community, with new art spaces and fairs opening every year. I really enjoy helping to create awareness of this thriving arts scene by interacting with both residents and visitors to the country who aren’t always acquainted with the numerous galleries and cultural spaces available.

2. Can you share a tip or two about being a successful manager?
Always make yourself available – staff should feel that they can come to you with any questions that they have about their job. In addition, take responsibility for the mistakes you make as well as the achievements, as you are setting an example to your team.

3. What is your dream job?
I studied Art History at university and I’d love to work in a museum one day. The Art Institute of Chicago is a favourite of mine, and spending my weekdays there wouldn’t feel like work.

4. What are you looking forward to from the UAE’s art scene over the next couple of months?
The first edition of Dubai Design Week kicks off on 26 October, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for visitors. My other highlight to come this year is of course Abu Dhabi Art, which takes place from 18 – 21 November and includes leading galleries from across the world, in addition to talks, perfomances, installations, and more.

5. Which fictional character would you be and why?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer because.. why not?! My go to Halloween costume.

(To be fair, it does suit you)

On another note: for everything art and design related, keep yourself updated with ArtintheCity’s latest ArtMap Issue 22. You can find copies in art galleries and creative spaces.

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