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Strip smile
Lose cool
Bleed the day
And break the rule

Metallica has and always will be one of my favorite bands. Growing up in the 90s, I remember their music being very popular in the Middle East. I wish they would make a recent visit to Dubai – seeing them would bring back happy memories and create a new experience all over again.

During one of Alserkal Avenue’s weekly art tours, Bee and I took some quick shots in Robert Breer’s ‘Time Flies‘. My outfit was casual and comfortable but had a slight chic edge to it. I wore a Metallica tee, a loose shirt and I paired them with my pencil skirt and ankle boots.

This is one of my favorite Metallica article of clothing that I own, considering that it’s for the Metallica Club – and the green contrasts well with black. For some reason, I thought of their song titled ‘Carpe Diem Baby’ while preparing for this post and decided to name it after that. The song refers to a person who’s seizing the day and living life to its fullest. While I wouldn’t call myself a adventurous Carpe Diem Baby, I definitely try to make the most of my day.

Fun fact: The last photo was shot by random at the exhibition ‘Dot Obsessions‘. It was a brilliant experience.

Denim Shirt | Topshop
Tee| Metallica Club
Skirt | Zara
Boots | Monki
Bag | Jansport
Glasses | Vintage

img_5020 img_5023 img_5015 img_5019-copy img_5026 img_5057Song: Carpe Diem Baby – Metallica

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