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Old Paradise Street No. 11, the first in a series of Limited Edition Roasts, exclusively sourced from Kenya, roasted in London and now available here in Dubai

Just when I became a true fan of Costa Coffee, Old Paradise Street No. 11 (OPS#11) – a limited edition roast shipped from Kenya – was introduced in UAE’s Costa branches.

“The first in a series of limited-edition roasts, Old Paradise Street #11 is sourced from the western side of the Kirinyaga district of the Mount Kenya Mountain in Kenya. Only the rarest and finest 100% Arabic single origin beans have been brought to the UAE via Costa Coffee’s Roastery on Old Paradise Street in London, where they have been slow roasted under the meticulous eye of Costa’s Master Roaster: Gennaro Pelliccia”

I was kindly invited to the Costa Coffee exclusive #TasteParadise Event with a select number of people to taste and learn about the limited edition blend. We were given a sheet of paper with tables illustrating the differences between each of two coffee blends at Costa. We had to identify the look, smell, flavor, taste and aftertaste, both of which had to be consumed in three sips!

To make it simple, I wrote down the key differences between the Costa Mocha Italia Original Blend and the Costa OPS#11 Espressos:

Costa Mocha Italia Original Blend:

1. Look: Dark honey, brown
2. Smell: Honey caramel aroma
3. Taste: 1st sip – bitter, toasty, 2nd sip – moist, sweet, 3rd sip – sour and acidic
4. Aftertaste: Dry but clean

Costa Old Paradise Street OPS#11 – Limited Edition Roast:

1. Look: Light gold
2. Smell: Fruit-like aroma
3. Taste: 1st sip – high acidity, 2nd sip – fruity, 3rd sip – chocolate-like
4. Aftertaste: Soft, chocolaty and refreshing

After tasting the OPS#11 blend, it was time to put our skills to test in two different competitions. The first one involved trying out two different coffees and guessing which blend was which. The second competition included a set of exquisite flavors in tinned cans that we had to guess the names of.

I did a good job with identifying the coffee blends immediately but failed at the second test. Winners who answered correctly to both tests received vouchers to spend at Costa Coffee. I was happy I managed to get my coffees right!

I’m very excited about trying out different drinks with the OPS#11 blend, even if for a short while – Costa really do come up with great ideas and I wish more people would learn about their outstanding products and services. I genuinely appreciate their efforts and will forever have a place in my heart for their food and coffee blends.

Fun fact: Costa Coffee’s Old Paradise Street Roast #11 will be available at Costa Coffee outlets across the UAE from 5 April onward. On 11 April after 11am, any coffee with this blend will be for AED 11.

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