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Journal entry for December 016

This flu has taken its toll on me.

Winter (for Dubai) is just around the corner and the dry weather has already started playing part in affecting my health conditions. Dry weather = dry skin and definitely a lot of allergies. I was accompanied by a nice, long flu during the last two weeks of November.

Apart from that, November was incredible; there were a lot of conferences and events for the youth of UAE. Seeing how proactive young people of today are, it brings hope to our future.

December is usually my favorite month of the year, so I’m really looking forward to the last month of 2016! A couple of upcoming collaborations are in progress.


  • I went back to sketching and drawing concepts for upcoming projects.
  • I’m working on updating the blog’s design and layout – some improvements here and there.
  • I’m preparing to send out and receive gifts for Secret Santa.
  • I’m writing down my highlights in 2016 just to keep track of my progress.

Listening to: Bill Murray – Phantogram

 Reading: Reality Transurfing – I. The Space of Variation


Watching: Bob’s Burgers


Playing: Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask

Majora's Mask

Learning: How to be more productive with my time

Planning for: Secret Santa with international friends

Featured image is by Luis Llerena and is used for illustrative purposes only


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