Journal entry for September 2016

Things have started to get better again.

At the end of July this year, my grandpa, one of the most important people to me, left us. I can easily say that he was and still is one of the most incredible men that I have encountered in my life. I could not be more proud to be his granddaughter. Apart from being known for his respected status, he was incredibly kind and generous to everyone he had ever met. I know that he is in a better place now and hope to meet him again, someday. I strive to be a better person because of that.

They say that time has the ability to heal – but the truth is, we either get accustomed to the feeling of loss or just learn to forget. In this case, I plan to spend my life aiming to excel and being inspired by the amazing things and people around me.

Although I decided not to blog during the month of August, I took my time to work on some side projects that have been on my mind. Every once in a while (as mentioned here), I sit back and evaluate where I have come in life. Be it with personal improvement, my relationship with friends and family or my place in society – there’s always room for change. I can say that although I am not completely content with where I am right now, I believe that I will achieve what I want with time.


  • My decision of eating healthy and having more vegetables, fruit and legumes in my diet has been working well for me. I also stick to having one meat day per week.
  • I introduced a new section in my blog: Journal. I wanted to create a category for more personal thoughts and to keep Muse for things that I find inspiring.
  • I let the people in my life know how much I appreciate them.
  • I picked up some old novels and finished reading them. In addition to that, I got a book on drawing fundamentals. Being a self-taught artist, I overlooked learning the basics and it was a wrong move that I only happened to realize recently.
  • Although not many might know me for being a video game geek, I do spend a good amount of time trying to complete the games that I play. This time around, I went back to my Pokemon Y cartridge and continued my journey to catching them all – a whooping total of 721 different Pokemon. It may seem trivial but it’s little things such as this that keep me being my lively self. Oh, guilty pleasures. If you, too, love Pokemon, you can read my interview with Ash Ketchum’s voice actress here.
  • The original side projects are still pending, so this will have to wait until the next entry.

This was a long post! The next ones won’t be as bad, promise.

Listening to: Tomorrow – Daughter

Reading: The Saga of Darren Shan


Watching: The Amazing World of Gumball


Playing: Pokemon Y


Learning: course – Global Systems Science and Policy

Planning for: Discovering my passion in life/ job hunting

Featured image is by Luis Llerena and is used for illustrative purposes only.

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