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“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them.” – C. JoyBell C.

Decluttering your closet is one step closer to adding structure to your daily life. Not only is it essential for easing the process of creating outfits, it also teaches you to appreciate the clothes that you already have.

Limiting yourself to a certain number of pieces also teaches you to be grateful and fulfilled, without having the need to go out and splurge on clothes every now and then. Instead of spending more on things that you don’t need, it can help you practice your skills to mix and match.

Back when I didn’t earn a salary, I used to have fun styling my outfits. I used to put time into picking my pieces because of my limited budget. However, it all changed when I started working. Although it was satisfying to go on shopping sprees, it taught me what quality over quantity meant. To be honest, that still didn’t stop me from spending money on expensive clothes.

Ultimately, I decided it was time to stop and to take a look through my closet. A lot of my clothes still had tags on them and it made me feel ashamed of myself. With that, I learned how to declutter my closet and decided to take action.

Here are some steps I wrote down that helped me with achieving a structured wardrobe:

All out

Take out all of the stuff from your closet and spread them on your bed and couch. If this makes you feel overwhelmed, you can start by taking them out bit by bit and sorting them out accordingly.


Keep the pieces you don’t strongly about out in the open. This way, you are able to see them in front of you. Occasionally, as you look at them, it will help you determine the things that you want or don’t want to keep.


Store and keep all your seasonal clothes in a box. This saves storage space as well as gives you a new perspective when you bring out that box in its right season.


Keep the trendy pieces that you think might come back in style in a box. Statement pieces can be intimidating but they can also be popular again. Don’t give them away just yet.

Play pretend

Pretend you’re going shopping in your own closet. As you go through your clothes, think to yourself “would I buy this?” and “how do I feel about wearing this?”

Of course, give away / recycle clothes that no longer fit you, suit your style or that you see yourself wearing anymore. Don’t use this as an excuse to buy more clothes, though.

Signature pieces

Stick to a signature look of the season and limit yourself to essential pieces that can be worn in every occasion. A capsule wardrobe can include the following: a white shirt, black pants, a simple black dress, a blazer, a white tee, a pair of jeans and a statement jacket/ top.


Categorize your wardrobe into textures. For example, you can start with keeping a section for jackets, then sweaters, then teeshirts. This will help you to mentally scan your closet whenever you’re considering what to wear.

Likewise, I personally keep all formal pieces such as dresses, abayas and pants in one area of my closet. Make sure to give the roomier place for longer pieces to avoid creating creases or crumbles.


Finally, hang your clothes in one direction (with all hangers facing the same direction). Every time you take out a piece, hang it in the opposite direction. The ones that remained in their previous state mean that you haven’t worn them. Do this every six months and take out those that haven’t been used.

On another note: decluttering doesn’t only have to limited to your clothes. Minimalism can be introduced to different aspects in your life.

Featured image is by Austin Guevara and is used for illustrative purposes only.

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