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a day with Dee Mohamud from Street Style Savvy

Dee started her blog in May 2014 because she wanted a platform where she can express her love for fashion freely and inspire others the way she was inspired by other style bloggers. She is a turban-tying fashionista with a true passion for shopping and style hunting. Her modest and elegant but urban-inspired sense of fashion reflects her  outgoing and warm personality.

My first encounter with Dee was rather strange; I had recognized her face and style from somewhere but couldn’t place a finger on it. Eventually, I realized she was a blogger. Our first actual hangout was in Abu Dhabi despite us both living in Dubai and I can say it was dee-lightful. Sorry.

Since Dee had to pass by Icing in Yas Mall, we decided to meet there. We ended up spending a lot of time enjoying the unique jewelry pieces and accessories on display.

To wrap up this post, here’s a set of questions I asked Dee for fun:

1. Describe your style to someone who has never seen you before.
My style is very eclectic; I really like mixing up different styles and pairing things that don’t go with each other to come up with something unique.

2. If your fashion sense was a random object, what would it be?
A pair of shoes.

3. On average, how long do you spend editing your posts?
It really depends on what I’m writing about – sometimes I spend 2 to 3 hours editing my posts, other times I can finish a post in 30 minutes.

4. Whose style from the Spice Girls do you favor most and why?
Definitely Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice); she’s effortlessly cool.

5. What would you spend your last bit of cash on: clothes or food?
Definitely clothes.

Fun fact: Dee has reached 11k followers on Instagram. Go and share some love!

To learn more about Dee, visit her blog or social accounts:
Website | Email
Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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