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Most recognized for her use of repetitive patterns, polka dots and nets, as well as her immersive, large-scale environments, Yayoi Kusama has worked in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, film and performance

‘Dot Obsessions’ by Yayoi Kusama is one of the most delightful art exhibitions I’ve ever been to. The interactive element to it adds a whole new dimension and appreciation to art.

After being done from Robert Breer’s ‘Time Flies‘, we decided to head to the Sharjah Art Foundation Art Spaces, located in one of the most beautiful locations in Sharjah.

There were three main spaces (rooms) exhibiting different works by Yayoi Kusama. The first, displaying several media including collage on canvas and installations, was the largest. The installations comprised inflated red spheres (in white polka dotes) that took up most up of the room (as part of her ‘My Eternal Soul’ Series). The biggest sphere was in fact a room itself, engulfing several polka-dotted hanging spheres and a radius of mirrors. It’s truly magical. The second largest sphere in the room is one that has a peephole in it – and visitors are able to view a new world by looking through it.

The second space was a corridor hall, showcasing different installations of her photography, film stills and sculptures inspired by organic matter.

The third and last space was the star of the show The Obliteration Room’ (2002); it was an infestation of colorful dots covering almost every single area of the room. The walls, ornaments and seating area were drowned in these dots! Upon entering the room, visitors get a sheet of stickers to place them wherever their heart desired. The sky – ceiling, is the limit! I was happy to have had a mini shoot with the help of Bee; the whole exhibition was like a dreamland.

Honestly, I’m considering stealing a couple of decor ideas after this.

I strongly encourage everyone to make a visit, especially if you share the love for colors or polka dots. This is a very unique exhibition that will let you experience art in a new way.

Yayoi Kusama has forged a singular practice that spans over six decades.


Fun fact: Yayoi Kusama has been interested in dots since the age of 10. She was diagnosed with a personality disorder that she managed to control with creating artwork. That’s very admirable!

Sharjah, Sharjah Art Foundation Art Spaces
1 October 2016 – 9 January 2017
Saturday – Thursday, 9am – 9pm
Friday, 4pm – 9pm
+9716 568 5050
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