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Fashion Forward Dubai (FFWD) is the definitive fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East – which provides a platform and a progressive direction for fashion in the region. FFWD is held twice a year, each April and October at Hai d3 in Dubai Design District.

Today marked the final day of Fashion Forward Dubai’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection. In its seventh season, Fashion Forward was held at a new venue known as the Dubai Design District – Hai d3. For those who are not familiar with this space, it constitutes several buildings and spaces in an outdoor setting. Luckily, although April had already begun and we were expecting to be shun by the sun, we encountered a drizzle instead. I had my little Canon G15 so it wasn’t difficult to protect – however, other press members with bigger equipment weren’t happy at all to be waiting in line under the rain.

By now, I consider myself to be an avid visitor of FFWD but I can say that I haven’t been seeing much change in the way things are organized in terms of standing in line and attending shows. It seems that there is no difference between regular visitors, VIP visitors, media members and bloggers. The ushers did not seem to care enough about whether or not people from the press should have been entered earlier. I feel like there hasn’t been enough points raised about this.

The Showcase included a smaller number of designers who were selling their works – as opposed to the previous editions of FFWD. And although I enjoyed walking around the venue in the cool weather, it got dark pretty quickly and there wasn’t enough room for queuing. Apart from those small drawbacks, the lineup was interesting and featured both renowned and recognized designers – regional and national.

 I enjoyed the talks, especially the one with Sarah Beydoun and Caterina Occhio discussing ethical fashion and CSR in ‘Why Ethical Fashion Matters’. Everyone is responsible for what they buy and they should be socially aware of what goes on behind the scenes, especially with bigger brands that we generally trust and love to purchase from.

My two favorite shows were Army of 1 and DANEH, that were displayed as a presentation and not a catwalk. I prefer attending these types of shows as it allows for the attendees to get a closer and visually interact with the pieces worn by the models.

Sadly, I did not attend Amato by Furne One’s show this time around because I had a fear of being clamped up and trampled on as with the previous show in Season 6.

On a side note: I am looking forward to the upcoming season and hope that queues won’t be much of an issue next time around. Otherwise, it’s an exceptional experience!

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