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“The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us, and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone” – George Eliot

It’s 2016.

All I could think about is where I’ve reached today and what I had to do to be here. For the past four years and after finishing my undergrads, I had been saving up consistently in order to pursue something bigger – such as traveling. Instead, I decided to start studying for a Master’s degree in something I never thought I could do: business, project management and leadership. I set out for a personal challenge and aced it.

While my achievements aren’t great, (especially compared to other capable Arab families who support their children and their dreams) I was able to find a job upon graduating immediately and start making my own money and open a bank account. I started off with a temporary job and found a full-time job right after, being the first from my batch to land a job.

We always tend to come across people who belittle our dreams and passions. During high school, I was ridiculed for wanting to choose art and design for a career. The surprising fact was that I was actually being mocked by the teachers themselves for having my own choices and ambitions. Funnily enough, I used to correct some of their academic mistakes during class. This proves to show how even teachers can be ignorant in one way or another. In my last couple of years in school, I won my first big award (for the opening of Ski Dubai) at the age of 15 for my snowboard design. At the age of 16 my team and I won an international award for a presentation we did on Imported Food.

However, this didn’t stop during undergrads. I had professors that were intimidated by me for some reason and would even go out of their way to say a mean word or two – I was even threatened by my psychology professor (to fail his class) because he didn’t like my friend. My friend didn’t even go to my university. Regardless, I was honored by H.H Sheikh Sultan Al-Qasimi (Ruler of Sharjah) for an outstanding senior project about endangered animals in the region.

I’ve also gone through a time where my own friends would backbite me and say things that aren’t true because people believe what they wish to believe. I’m sure many of us have gone through similar experiences like these but it makes it all worth it when you face these hardships with smiles, tears, sweat and blood and look back to see how far you’ve come. Some people will try to dim your light but that doesn’t mean that they have right to – in fact, it may mean you have something special.

On another note: Featured image is my first Burberry – my gift to myself for graduating with a 95%. I am thankful for all the opportunities I ever had and for the people that helped me come this far. Here’s to another year!

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