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“graffiti is a poem the city writes to itself” – Anon

Is graffiti art or a vandalism to public property? That itself is a debate. But while people are still debating about this subject, more and more beautiful graffiti works are being produced.

During my visit to the States, I witnessed stunning murals and pieces of graffiti all over the cities I visited. I was equally impressed and inspired by such a display of culture and history on old, barren walls as well as as Diego Rivera’s commissioned mural (Frida Khalo’s husband) in the Detroit Institute of Art.

Though sadly, my camera batteries ran out at some point during one of my graffiti tours so I had to resort to using my phone camera. Nevertheless, I’ll leave you with these lovely findings.

You can see a couple of more photos of the first wall here.

Fun fact: Tizzie said yes!

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