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UFO: Circus from another Planet

The Great Moscow State Circus’ UFO performance in Dubai was something I was truly looking forward to. Having read a lot about their routines and choreography, I was genuinely excited to attend one of their shows – especially an alien themed one where no animals were involved.

To my luck, the tickets were sold out but Dee offered to take me with her as a pre-birthday treat! It’s days like these where you’re taught to not be overly excited for anything; I didn’t really know what to expect. I could say that the show was rather… (I wish I could use the term ‘different’ here) underwhelming.

After arriving 10 minutes late to the show, we struggled to be seated and finally stumbled across a couple of decent seats that were close enough to the stage. Despite that, we were still striving to clearly see and understand the concept of the performance. The music was catchy but the sound system was absolutely terrible and shaky – along with the performers themselves.

Since we were not allowed to use flash with our cameras, I had to solely rely on my Canon G15 and hope for the photos to turn out to be decent. From what I grasped from the story, a boy was abducted by a bunch of aliens (including what seemed to be a crazy looking nurse, a bulky green monster and a hovering robot). Throughout the random light saber dances and baton tossing acts, short segments showed the abducted boy roaming around the stage “trying to find his way out of this absurd place”. There was also a mer-alien creature being taken out and back into the water, along with Mother Alien herself with a group of little aliens dancing and prancing around her. I would’ve mistaken it for a Lady Gaga performance.

About an hour and some minutes into the show, a voice announced that there would be a twenty minute’s intermission before the final act (noting that the whole performance was only 2 hours long). I was disappointed to see more baton tossing, dancing/ hovering robots and butterflies attached to strings in the last scene. In my opinion, butterflies don’t have a close relation to aliens.

The best part of the show was the finale where maggot-shaped aliens were break dancing and popping on stage. I couldn’t breathe from laughing and Dee and I assumed it must’ve been the effect of Alien dust. Regardless, I did enjoy myself a bit too much so I wouldn’t consider it a waste of time.

On another note: you can see some parts of the video on my channel.


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Song: Insulin – Crystal Castles

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