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Hub Zero is the region’s first immersive gaming park that will transport you to a world where virtual and reality seamlessly intertwine

Being a video game lover is one of the qualities that I appreciate most about myself. What’s even better is having friends with the same interest. After having heard about Hub Zero Dubai, I made a trip with Bee to the indoor amusement center and explored it for a while.

Although not amused by the attractions (especially since a lot were yet to open including Escape from Midgar), I can’t say that I would be making a special trip just to come back to Zero Hub. At least not yet. We tried out Resident Evil – Bio Terror and Asura’s Wrath (4D cinema).

On the second floor exist the karaoke, billiard area, arcade, cafe and a competitive gaming setup. The multiplayer online battle arena gaming area was incredibly impressive and made me wish that I was a SMITE, Dota2 or WOW player. My initial reaction upon entering the arcade was to have a shoot. Blogger’s instincts? Just kidding (maybe?). My favorite part of the Hub was definitely the arcade and karaoke area. Seeing retro games always fills me up with good energy.

I can’t say that we didn’t enjoy our time there – especially after shooting my awesome VansxNintendo NES Controller sneakers. How amazing is this collection?

I’m not sure whether I was in a hurry or not but it sure seems like it. I threw on my favorite snug hoodie, a pair of linen pants and my Vans. I was prepared to play a lot of games but hardly ended up doing so.

On another note: I was actually quite surprised with the arcade console selection – reminded me of Rochester’s Museum of Play.

RIT Hoodie | Barnes & Noble
Pants | Monki
Shoes | VansxNintendo
Rucksack | River Island
Glasses | Vintage

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