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small talk with Lugain Abu Laban, the wanderlust

In this feature, I ask Lugain – a young lady with a true passion for exploring – some questions that allow us to know more about her hobbies and lifestyle.

While I honestly could not recall how I first came across Lugain, I have to say that her style is so memorable and her unique attributes allow her to stand out from the bunch. She expresses her carefree and positive attitude through her photos on social media along with a quirky sense of humor.

Despite her outgoing personality and love for adventure, Lugain considers herself to be an introvert; thus going on journeys on her own most of the time. Because of her fun and unique outlook on life in general, I thought I’d ask her the following:

1. Lugee, could you describe yourself in a sentence?
“The most sarcastic wanderlust alien you’ll ever meet. (Pretty self-explanatory.)”

2. Since I know you don’t consider yourself a “fashionista”, what would you rather be called?
Honestly, I have no idea! I see all those people on social media and they seem to have an idea of who they are (MUA, fashionista, fashion-influencer, social media personality, youtuber, viner, etc..) Meanwhile, here I am using my social media platforms to post the “randomest” (is that even a word?) collection of photos. But I can tell you two consistent themes in my photos: my love for animals and traveling. So at the moment, you can say I’m a woman in search of her word. (Eat Pray Love fan anyone?)

3. You have such a lovely style – what are some of your inspiration when it comes to fashion?
I honestly don’t have a specific fashion idol or even a favorite store for that matter! I will find inspiration in the weirdest of places. One time, I was with my mom at a furniture store and saw this beautiful colorful kids bedroom. I liked the colors so much I actually created an outfit with the same exact colors!

4. It seems that you often have positive influence on your viewers, what advice would you give to some of the younger followers?
Thank you so much for that! I really do try my best to create a happy, positive, stress-free space through my Instagram. Here’s my advice: remind yourself that nothing lasts. Are you sad right now? Don’t worry. Hold on. The feeling will pass. You’re happy? Great! Enjoy every minute of it because it’ll pass too! This “feel-and-let-go” mentality will help you so much in life. You won’t spend too much time dwelling on your sorrows and misfortunes. You’ll appreciate the happy moments much more and you’ll learn to be present in the moment.
When it comes to social media, I know it can be tempting to follow the likes of the Kardashians because they look so glamorous and seem to have it all. But keep in mind that we spend a lot of time online, which means seeing photos of those we follow all the time. So If you aren’t careful enough, you’ll find yourself hating your life and wishing for theirs. I see comments left on those people’s accounts all the time by young girls that go like this “You have an awesome life, I wish I had yours” or “you are so beautiful I wish I looked like you”. And while it’s good to want to work on yourself and improve your life, you need to keep in mind that what you see online is actually 15% of that person’s life. No one’s perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs, and what you see on their page is usually just the ups. So please don’t sell yourself short by comparing your inside with someone else’s outside.

5. Apart from traveling and exploring, what else do you enjoy?
As you know, I’m an introvert (and a proud one at that) so I’m not into big gatherings or parties. Watching a good movie or an episode of American Dad with my family while having some delicious takeout is a perfect night in my book! I also quite enjoy hitting the gym. I may not always be in the right headspace, but boy do I love the feeling of a finished workout. Such an accomplishment!
And if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a huge cat lady. Everywhere I go I try to look for a kitty to pet or/and feed. I used to carry some cat food in a small zip-lock bag in my bag in case I ran into one of my furry friends. Unfortunately, cat food doesn’t smell all that good so I stopped carrying it around (no need to let every stranger I walk by know the level of crazy lady I reached). Instead, I just feed them some chicken if I’m at a restaurant or a BBQ!

(Well, that makes two of us)

On another note: Lugee’s love for freedom of expression and discovery was very well suited for the theme of this e-zine edition ‘Emerge‘.

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