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What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than by announcing your undying love to your favorite cosmetic brand? In my first post about LUSH, I did a Top5s post on my favorite facial products. I also mentioned how I couldn’t find a suitable LUSH moisturizer to go with my stubborn skin, but all that has changed now!

In this post, I review items that I have bought and received from LUSH. I can honestly say that I’m absolutely impressed with their products and they never fail to save me in dire situations. I’m also happy to get the chance to try out some stuff that had just hit base in the UAE. Below is a selection of products that I got to try just recently and my view on them:

Scalp treatment:
Roots – Healthy hair starts with Roots

Extra virgin olive oil and honey soften and condition hair to make it shine without weighing it down. Give dull, fine and thin hair volume and shine by treating it with Roots.

With LUSH being my holy grail, I couldn’t just stop at certain products. Although I have a good amount of hair on my head, I decided to give it a treatment for the rough times I spent during my last days in grad school. I could swear by this product and how magical it is; I saw a great improvement after using it just twice! If you’re suffering from hair loss, go for an organic and natural treatment such as this one. Just massage it gently into your scalp for about 15 and then wash your hair as you usually would.

Price in the UAE: AED117 / 225g
Good for: thin and fine (thine) hair
Personal use: twice a week

03741_b                      03741

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Toothy Tabs:

Miles of Smiles – Triple mint toothy action

On the road to breathtakingly icy airwaves, you need the full service. Triple the mint provides intense freshness from teeth to tongue.

I never thought of using something other than toothpaste to clean my teeth with – until I came across LUSH’s toothy tabs. I actually encountered this item during a visit to one of the LUSH stores and got to experience it first hand. It felt strange nibbling on a small tab with a bitter flavor and swishing it in my mouth but I felt so refreshed and “minty” afterwards that I made sure to take a bottle back home with me.

Price in the UAE: AED65 / 35g
Good for: traveling, emergency uses
Personal use: whenever I need to feel refreshed

Miles_of_Smiles-375x375 Miles_of_smiles_web

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Hair Conditioner:
Happy Happy Joy Joy – Vegan

Happy Happy Joy Joy, so good we named it twice. Conditions your hair with almond milk, jojoba oil, rose and orange flower waters. A fine perfume lifts this head and shoulders above the rest.

I’m not sure how to explain this without sounding like a werewolf or a creature with dense hair – but because my hair is more to the thicker side, I find it impossible to be able to perfume it or use any product or shampoo that makes it smell good afterwards. Of course, LUSH comes to the rescue again and this conditioner Happy Happy Joy Joy did the trick. However, I could say that it didn’t do the perfect job with moisturizing my hair; it does contain alcohol which is a drying agent (and I have dry hair). Nevertheless, I’m sure it does work on regular creatures – I mean girls with normal hair.

Price in the UAE: AED85 / 100g
Good for: making your hair smell nice!
Personal use: after shampooing my hair

03775_b     03775
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Lip Balm:
Strawberry Bombshell – lip tint

Give your pout serious staying power with this fierce fuscia pink.

LUSH and makeup? Yes. Fuscia? Double yes. I could never find a lip balm that is both rich in color and good ingredients. I was already a fan of LUSH’s lip tints but became an even bigger fan now that they have decided to use stick containers for their lip tints! Use Strawberry Bombshell for a burst of fuscia on your lips (the name is self explanatory) and never worry about having dry or pale lips!

Price in the UAE: AED68 / 4g
Good for: making you look gorgeous
Personal use: always, really. Even at home

                   Strawberry_bombshell_naked-375x375 product_oxfordst_makeup_strawberry_bombshell_lidoff-475x360
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Hair Dye:

Caca Marron – Vegan Henna

We take our signature cocoa butter base and blend the finest Persian black and red hennas in with ground coffee to darken the red of the henna and create a beautifully rich, traffic stopping shade.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve never dyed my hair. I was always hesitant about using any chemical dyes that would burn my hair or cause me to have more grey hair (yes, I have some). Although melting, applying, waiting on and washing the Henna was messy and tedious (I waited for 4 hours), the results were rewarding. I got rid of all my grey hairs and attained a new, shiny mane. This shade of red actually turned out to be blond-ish on my dark hair, making it look completely natural and stunning.  Just be sure to apply petroleum jelly around the sides of your face and neck and put plenty of newspaper on your bathroom floor.

Price in the UAE: AED100 / 325g
Good for: dull hair
Personal use: so far, just once

76-Caca-Marron[1]-360x360                  679
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Face mask:
The Sacred Truth – Fresh and organic

We don’t like making claims about holding back aging – because let’s face it, we can’t.  But we do think that putting carefully selected, wonderful ingredients onto mature skin can have benefits. It won’t make you younger – but it will make the best of the skin you have.

So I was joking around with one of the staff members at Lush about wanting a product that naturally lifts my face. They ended up showing me The Sacred Truth – no pun intended. They instructed me to use it twice a week for quick results and I did. For younger people, it might not be wise to use anti-aging products, however because this face masks contains only the best and most natural ingredients (also rich with anti-oxidants) it works for all ages. It’s also nourishing and moisturizing for dry skin like mine!

Price in the UAE: AED65 / 75g
Good for: aging/ tired skin
Personal use: twice a week

06098_b                   06098
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Full of Grace – Vegan face serum

Don’t mistake this for a little pink massage bar; it’s actually a really clever facial lotion, with rose water to hydrate the skin and precious Amazonian butters to moisturize.

Earlier, I mentioned how I could never find a suitable moisturizer from LUSH to go with my dry skin – well, those days are long gone. When I came across this little bar of joy, I was amused by how quickly it soaked into my skin and moisturized it. I did a trial on how long it could last and it did an amazing job! The only concern I might have with it is the fact that it does tend to melt quickly and the Dubai heat doesn’t help.

Price in the UAE: AED97 / 20g
Good for: anyone who doesn’t mind solid moisturizers
Personal use: daily, before heading off to start the day!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM
Face and body cleanser:
Ocean Salt (alcohol free) – scrub

Lime, grapefruit and lashings of salt go into this invigorating scrub. The salty, citrus fragrance is refreshing on the skin and mind, like diving into the cool blue ocean.

Finally, last but not least: the infamous Ocean Salt scrub! I ordered this from the UK branch of LUSH because I couldn’t find the alcohol free one in Dubai. I’m not sure what to say about this cleanser other than how wonderful it is. You can feel its cleansing powers as soon as you use it on your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and well-scrubbed. I actually don’t tend to use it on my face because of my extremely sensitive skin, however, I do use it on my neck and body; it’s both refreshing and moisturizing. And as the name suggests (obviously) its main component is sea salt that’s: rich in minerals and excellent for scrubbing away any dead skin.

Price in the UAE: AED155 / 250g
Good for: anyone who needs a good scrub
Personal use: during every other shower/ bath

2128               02128

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 5.07.45 PM


On another note: I have done a short video featuring LUSH’s Easter collection. Also, you can give some love to LUSH by using the hashtag #lushlove in your posts!

Disclaimer: all of the above images (apart from featured image) belong to LUSH and are used for illustrative purposes only.

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