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a talk on achievements with START World Dubai’s Manager Mahbouba

Starting off this post with butterflies, rainbows, sunshine and laughter – I can say that those are some of the things that briefly resemble Mahbouba’s character. When she isn’t working on her MA dissertation in Sustainable Design (in the Built Environment) Mahbouba would be involved with START, changing lives of young children through various projects and activities.

I felt so happy when I recently managed to bump into Mahbouba and decided to talk to her about her current updates with START and her personal life. Although still young, Mahbouba has a lot of energy and knowledge to share with others and I feel prideful to have known her since our first year of university. I felt the need to share some of what she does on my blog.

Here are a few things we discussed:

1. How did you first come to know about START and what made you want to join the cause?
I got to know about them in my second year at university (in CFAD). I, along with a bunch of awesome students from our college volunteered there during Art Dubai. Although it was brief, the concept of Art Therapy appealed to me, especially when it showed the positive effects on children’s lives.

2. Have you witnessed a vast change throughout your journey with START?
Oh, for sure! Not only did I see it, I was directly involved in the company’s growth – such as how it sustained itself with strategic planning and clear direction and branching out in new countries. The careful planning and teamwork were amazing to witness!

3. What are some of your biggest personal achievements as of yet?
To be honest, I would say they are: following my instincts in making decisions, such as chasing after my goals and not giving up despite the difficulties. I also consider my MA degree, being independent and having the confidence in my ability to succeed to count as achievements, too.
I can go on and on – I believe that personal growth can sum it up; working towards your goal is not supposed to be a piece of cake. It is difficult, exhausting and surely involves a lot of doubtful times but it’s all worth it in the end.

4. If there is one thing that you could change in this world, what would it be and why?
Greed. If people replaced greed with gratitude, I think many would appreciate the blessings they already have. They would be able to sleep a little better, don’t you think?

(I completely agree, Mahbouba)

5. Do you have a personal superhero and why?
Of course… Batman! Have you seen his Batmobile.

On another note: there will be an exclusive event for auctioning Dumye Dolls on 7 April 2016. The auction, supported by The Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa, involves a collaboration between the movie 27 Dresses, Dumye, START and S*UCE. All proceeds go to START for a good cause!

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