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– MEFCC 2016 –

Targeting more than 70,000 visitors from across the Middle East and beyond, MEFCC is now one of the most talked about events in the region and is a showcase of both regional and international entertainment and popular culture including some of the world’s biggest brands in Film, TV, Sci-Fi, Animation, Manga, Comics, Collectibles and more

The most anticipated event for nerds, geeks and fandoms around the world: the Comic Con! The MEFCC, specific to the Middle East, found its home in Dubai in 2012. I’ve been an avid visitor of the convention since its first edition and this year I had the privilege of attending as a blogger!

I compiled a short guide that would hopefully assist my readers when visiting the next MEFCC:

Main Stage

This is where all the fun takes place! You will probably find Max Landis cracking jokes with his flamboyant hair and remarkable style – he’s definitely hard to miss. The stage features performances, cosplay competitions, games and other entertaining activities throughout the three-day event.


Even if you have regular admittance to the event, you can still attend any workshop for free! This year, I attended TokiDoki’s brand and marketing workshop, Veronica Taylor’s voice acting workshop and finally a Manga story-telling workshop. They were especially fun and educational – a very useful method for advancing as an artist.

Talks and Showcases

Panel Talks are held at the ‘Cinema’ in the MEFCC, along with short film showcases and reels. I especially enjoyed Darryl McDaniels (DMC)’s motivational talk about his personal journey to success.

Meeting Stars

This edition of MEFCC featured an outstanding lineup of international stars who honored us with their attendance. Visitors had the chance to meet and speak with Christopher Lloyd, Veronica Taylor, Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee), Fabian Nicieza, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, WWE Superstar Randy, Summer Glau and Max Landis!

Meeting Guests

Some regional guests such as a dear acquaintance of mine: Abeer Mohammed, Artist and Burqaa Designer also made an appearance at this year’s MEFCC. Keep your eyes peeled and find them roaming around the convention!

Artist Corner

Support emerging and super talented artists at the Artist Corner! They may have illustrated your favourite character from a video game or even created a comic urged to be read by you. There’s no better way to express your appreciation for art than by showing support to these artists. It’s usually my favorite part of the MEFCC because I can also get to meet other fellow artists with similar interests to mine.

Shopping Stalls

If you’re one for hoarding action figures, movie posters, Anime merchandise, Manga books and other trinkets, bring tons of gold, er money with you and be prepared to showcase your haggling skills to the max! Do your best!

Overall, the MEFCC is one event you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. The 5th edition exceeded a remarkable number of 100,000 visitors during the span of three days! That’s as crazy as gliding through the halls with a zip-line (which actually existed).

On another note: I had the honor of interviewing Veronica Taylor, voice of Ash Ketchum and many other recognized anime/ fictional characters. Read more about it here.

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