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A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.” – Plato

We live our lives based on numbers; based on how many designer bags we have or how many relationships we’ve been through or how many certificates we’ve earned. We are based on assumptions, on thoughts that revolve around metric units known as numbers and digits.

It is not the matter of how much or how many but rather a question of what? What did you learn from your program, what are you most passionate about, what do you think you can do with what you already have, and so on…

Truth is, I’ve even seen people being treated according to how many followers they have on Instagram. This is one of the things that discourages newcomers to the blogging scene from being consistent.

Don’t let your life be defined by arithmetic values.

There’s nothing stopping you from being a leader in your field. It’s not always about how many years of experience you have or about something that has quantitative value. It’s always in the quality and in what you have to offer to yourself and those around you.

Seek what it is that ultimately makes you happy and proud of yourself and keep searching for it. Even if it is money, don’t become a slave to it – learn to find a balance and fight against the norms.

Don’t let yourself be determined by numbers.

On another note: you know who isn’t just a number? The5. Head over to this post to learn how they stand out from other boy bands.

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