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Great Food. No Bull

Located in major cities and states around the world including London, Chicago, Beirut and Jeddah, Original Wings & Rings also opened in UAE’s Abu Dhabi in 2014. I had long-awaited the day of their opening and got there as soon as they did. Although I don’t live in Abu Dhabi, I made sure to visit them frequently and hoped that they would open in Dubai in the near future.

Flash forward to some time later – they now have a branch in Dubai!

I had the pleasure of heading down to Original Wings & Rings in DIFC and munching on some of their recommended plates. Located in the Liberty House on Level C, finding the area and a parking spot shouldn’t be a difficult task. We arrived there at 1.30pm and the restaurant was pleasant and quite – which is the perfect setting for me.

Inside, we were welcomed by a Western style decor, colorful walls and smiling staff members. The restaurant is divided into two areas to sit in according to personal preference: smoking and non-smoking. The lively ambience makes for a perfect place to enjoy a party platter with friends while watching soccer tournaments on the screens. If you choose to have separate plates, their portions are perfect.

The service and quality control from what I noticed are exceptional – the staff are well informed and friendly and the food gets served within minutes. While I usually have a hard time deciding on what to eat, our hostess, Hazel, was very accommodating (and patient) with helping us decide.

Here’s what we opted for:

Drinks: Lemon with Mint Juice (sweet and sour with a splash of a refreshing minty flavor). There is a big selection of juices and alcoholic drinks, as well.

Starters: We ordered the BBQ Chicken Quesadilla (soft, tender and juicy covered with grated cheese) and Boneless Buffalo Chicken Nachos topped with the Atomic spicy sauce and paired with some soothing Blue Cheese (a huge starter enough for two, covered with Jalapeño peppers, diced tomatoes, sour cream and melted American cheese). If you’re like me and your worst nightmare is getting your hands dirty, go for their wingless bites instead of traditional wings, as I did.

Main course: I chose their Grilled Chicken Wrap (seasoned grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and three cheese mix, topped with ranch and wrapped in a large flour tortilla) and Ozz chose the winning Buffalo Ringer Burger (soft ground beef patty topped with fried onion ring, beef bacon, tomato, lettuce, onions and special sauce). Every main course comes with thinly sliced potatoes, fried to a golden crisp next to a side of refreshing coleslaw.

Dessert: The infamous Rock Slide Brownie creates a chocolaty avalanche in your mouth. It has a rich, velvety texture, topped with chocolate chip, caramel sauce and walnuts. Offers an incredible satisfaction for those with a sweet tooth.

Original Wings & Rings offer different flavors and signature blends to go with your wings, ranging from mild to extremely spicy or unique sauces including Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, Sweet Chilli and Teriyaki. Ozz decided to give their One Million hot sauce a go – the spiciest thing I had ever tasted. In order to try this sauce, customers are required to sign a waver! This definitely isn’t for the feint of hearts.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Original Wings & Rings and I cannot stress enough on how much I enjoy their food. While I strongly dislike soggy/ leftover food, I happily had some for dinner. It also counts as good comfort food for when you need it. There is also a variety of green options such as salads and their delicious veggie burger to choose from.

If you’re unable to make your way to Original Wings & Rings, you can order through Zomato or Deliveroo. Now you have no excuses to not have their delicious wings – which can be fried or grilled upon request. Here’s  another reason why you shouldn’t miss out on their food; their offers:

Double or Nothing Mondays: from 5pm – 12am, buy one get one free on select items.

Wing Frenzy Tuesdays: Traditional and Boneless Wings for AED 3.99 from 12pm – 8pm.

Ladies Night Wednesdays: your traditional Ladies Night from 8pm – 12am.

Happy Hour: nibble on some juicy starters while enjoying a selection of drinks.

Friday Brunch: enjoy a hefty Brunch on Fridays starting at AED 99 per person. This offer is HUGE.

Fun fact: we weren’t strong enough to try out the Million Challenge. If you have a tremendous love for spicy food, you can get a free meal and join the hall of fame if you beat the challenge in a limited amount of time! Go on, I dare you.

Dubai, DIFC Liberty House, Level C
Mon – Sun: 12pm – 2am
+9714 3596 900
Website | Contact
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube
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