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how to care for a new nose piercing

Although this may seem like a rather random subject to discuss on my blog, I often get questions on my piercings and the difficulty of maintaining them. Plus, I do associate piercings and tattoos with expressing one’s creativity, which is why I put it in this edition of my zine: creation.

Just recently, my urge to get a facial piercing reached to its limit; I am a huge fan of piercings and I only happened to have one on my nose (nostril) – possibly the only facial piercing that’s widely accepted. Since nose piercings trace back to cultures in the Middle East, they became a usual sight to see around many parts of the world and have turned into a worldwide trend. They have been practiced in India as a form of tradition during marriage and are even considered as a mark of beauty.

I got my first piercing back in 2010 when I was going through a transition in my life. Nose piercings, to me, were the most boring form of face piercings and I was so reluctant to getting one. My cousin thought it would be fun for the both of us to have the same one – and although I never had the interest in it or envisioned how it would look on me, I agreed to it anyway. Fast forward six years later, I decided that if I was unable to find a professional place for face piercings in Dubai, I would get another nose piercing.

And so I did.

To shorten what may have the potential to be a very long post, below are some tips on how to maintain a new nose piercing:


This is the first step and I can’t stress enough on how important it is to find a true professional piercer to do the job. That’s when you would feel less pressured about the process and on the long run.

Ask around for a piercing parlor and do proper research
Dig up real reviews and ask people about their opinion
Visit the place and talk to the piercers there
Study the cleanliness of the shop and see what tools they use
Out of sheer stupidity and ignorance, my first experience with getting my nose piercing was with a metal gun – the oldest tool used in pharmacies to pierce ears. Those can inflict permanent trauma to the area as well a lot of pain. It’s a miracle I managed to get away with it. DON’T get your nose pierced with those!


Let the piercer study the best area on your nostril to do the piercing
This is important because you avoid damaging any nerves there
Also, mark the area yourself and ask the piercer for their opinion
Make sure the piercing is made from high-quality surgical steel


The following 4-16 weeks may be difficult or easy depending on your body!

Be sure to listen to the peircer’s instructions well
Avoid touching the piercing with your hands at all cost
If you needed to clean the piercing, do it with a Q-Tip
Cleanse the piercing twice a day using a Normal Saline solution or a sea salt one
Each time you clean the area, do it for around 5-10 minutes
Never use strong chemicals like rubbing alcohol! (A previous mistake of mine)
If you feel that your piercing is “sinking”, use a clean Q-Tip and push it from the inside out


Listen to what your body is telling you
If the area stays red, use a very light coat of Fucidin cream or Betadine (alcohol free)
Don’t rely on ointments to clean your piercing; they may delay the healing process
and eventually create scar tissue that block the piercing area


If your body rejects the piercing completely (you’ll find it quite obvious),
the piercing will start to be pushed out and there might be signs of swelling, puss and redness
If there are any bumps or keloid, leave it for a day and use warm water and salt soak
If the swelling, redness or other signs persist, go back to your piercer


You need to decide if face piercings are really for you or not
Understand that it is a big responsibility (sort of) and it needs a lot of taking care of
You need a lot of patience and perseverance after getting the piercing done,
after all, you decided to inject a foreign object in your face
Don’t let anyone else choose what you should do –
if you want to get it done for yourself, go ahead (as long as you don’t regret your decision)

Frequently asked questions:

1. Why did you choose to get a second piercing in the same nostril?
I wanted to get a facial piercing but was unable to find a trustworthy parlor in Dubai. I also assumed that I had enough space above my original piercing for another one; I was getting a bit bored with it and I told myself that I was ready for the responsibility.

2. How did your parents react to it?
Considering I am a day closer to 30 than I was yesterday, I think I can get away with most of my choices. To be honest, the decision of getting a piercing on that day was out of impulse and it was a surprise to myself, as well. My parents didn’t really notice until I told them (on the same day).

3. Did it hurt, and how long did it hurt for?

My first piercing (although done with a metal gun) took a couple of hours until it stopped hurting me. During the process, I felt a small pinch but I recovered from that feeling right after. It did get slightly infected, to which I used rubbing alcohol to treat (sorry, body).

To my surprise, my second piercing (placed higher) hurt a bit more. The numbing feeling stayed for about three days and the redness persisted. Although barely visible, I could tell that there was a bit of swelling around the piercing – which had me worried for a while.

4. Can you sneeze/ blow your nose?
Yes! But bear in mind that it will hurt. You will need to watch out on how you clean your nose and not to prick the inner area by pressing too hard. Unless your piercing is a screw or L-shaped one, you might encounter an annoying sensation.

5. Can you hide it?
There are always different methods to hiding piercings such as wearing transparent (acrylic) ones. Although honestly, nose piercings are so common that even parents and companies barely (if ever) have issues with them. You can simply remove your piercing during the day once it has fully healed. If your body is like mine, however, it might be difficult to stay without one. My body rejects piercings easily and it’s a miracle that my nose piercings didn’t get rejected.

I can tell you though, nose piercings (especially the tiny crystal studs) look classy and professional.

On another note: apart from facial piercings, I wish I could get dermal ones including (but not limited to): nape, wrist, finger (wedding ring idea?) and a web one. Strange, I know.

Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on piercings. Always ask a professional piercer for all things related to, well, piercings. Also, I do apologize for the humongous post.

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