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Quoz Arts Fest is a celebration of the Arts community in the industrial neighborhood of Al Quoz. Taking place over two days, the fourth edition will involve programming by arts organizations and businesses across the neighborhood, exploring the intersection of visual art, design, film, music, dance and food

Quoz Arts Fest, in collaboration with different partners, art venues and art spaces in Al Quoz area is an annual event that takes place during the colder seasons of Dubai. This year, the Fest took place on 22-23 January to mark the start of a new year.

The weather was pleasant and the atmosphere wasn’t overwhelming (as with usual outdoor events). The galleries were prepared to welcome their visitors and some art spaces even set out their own activities such as pop-ups, food stalls and small gaming areas. Although my visit was a quick one, I was able to take a quick peak at some of my favorite galleries including FN Designs, Ayyam Gallery and Gallery IVDE.

What makes Quoz Arts Fest lively and memorable is the shuttle service that allows for visitors to hop on and roam around Al Quoz area to different art spaces during the event. What also made for a special day was the live music; we spent most of our time enjoying Sara Tarablus and Dan’s lovely performance and were ready to call it a day.

On a side note: these exhibitions are ongoing and can still be visited!

Dubai, Al Quoz Industrial Area

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