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my experience at Rochester Institute of Technology – Dubai

With education being a big part of my life, I thought it would be suitable to share my experience of attaining my degree at Rochester Institute of Technology – the Dubai branch.

Studying, while not always a personal choice, is considered to be a necessary step to pursue our goals (in most cases). What we never seem to remember is how much pursuing a degree can cost. I didn’t realize how difficult it was to pay for education until I started saving money from my first full time job. It took me four years of proper financial monitoring to be able to pay my fees in due time. Was it worth it? Yes. Was it worth spending on an educational experience from RIT Dubai?

My experience:

Program diversity

Please note that I am talking about my experience in my program: Service Leadership and Innovation – Project Management. The program is well-diverse and offers a wide variety of courses and classes. Most of them are fun and technical, designed to be functional in both day-to-day and/or professional settings.


The campus is located in the middle of nowhere, or somewhere behind the “building shaped like a pineapple” (quoting the persons who directed me to the building). It’s in Silicon Oasis Dubai, on Al Ain Road. If you don’t have access to a car/ driving, then this would be the first reason to not study at the campus. Undergraduate students do get offered the choice of transport, to be fair.


The university fees are more on the higher side – much higher side. Well worth it, though. Getting a degree from a reputable university that offers a return in value for your money is never a waste. The university also offers a financial aid program as well as different kinds of scholarships.


I can swear by the carefully selected professors assigned to teach at the Dubai branch of RIT. Although we did encounter¬† problems in a couple of situations, they weren’t major. The professors that taught me were brilliant, kind and always up for a laugh. The most important quality in someone teaching in higher education is being believing in your students and providing support to their ideas – which is what they did.


While getting a response can be a daunting task at times, getting the response you wish to hear is even more tiring. I can say that the university lacks in this department and a lot of staff members are not authorized to do certain things on their own, which can result in pretty shocking ways.

There were countless times were we were not given enough or clear instructions or procedures. All of a sudden we would get an email saying that we would need to certain things in order to graduate/ release holds/ etc. Why haven’t we been told this previously? I suppose we had to find out on our own.


This is what RIT Dubai lacks most. The one factor to running an organization effectively – poor management. Funnily enough, it was the program that I was being taught. When problems such as certain difficulties arise in conversation, the management would deny the authority to take action. Yeah, not great.


Would I recommend anyone studying at RIT Dubai? Probably, just not now. Maybe in two/three years time. With such a strong curriculum and good choice of professors, it’s such a shame that there’s a lot that needs to be changed. For now, it’s best to spend a little extra money and receive the value you are expecting when spending that much on a degree from a well-reputed university. I would actually recommend studying at the main campus.

On a side note: view snippets of the graduation ceremony at the main campus in NY here.

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