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getting to know a bit more about Selda from Mixed Hijabi

Selda, a young Kurdish/ Turkish fashion lover who quickly gained popularity due to her sense of style, shares with us some details about herself and her personal preference. She may come off as shy in the beginning but once comfortable, she shows her true energetic and social personality.

Before embarking on her own blogging journey, Selda created her Instagram account to share her style and influences with other modest-style enthusiasts. She states that she began being active on social media to inspire other Muslims as well as viewers of different beliefs and to show them how wearing the hijab can also be fashionable and trendy.

I personally connect with her love for sneakers and comfy shoes, which just happen to be in style right now.

I asked Selda some fashion-related questions:

1. What are your closet essentials for the season?
Hmm, let me think… Well, anything high-waisted (such as jeans, skirts, culottes, etc…) and basic tops that are versatile. I’m also getting into abayas this season – really excited to style them. Last, but not least are the mini handbags!

2. What are three of your favorite fashion and makeup brands?
My favorite fashion brands are H&M, Zara and Monki. For makeup, it often changes from brand to brand but at the moment I’m loving MAC (the Studio Fix Foundation). The rest of my makeup products are from cheap brands like Rimmel, Maybelline and H&M. I don’t like to spend too much money on makeup!

3. How old were you when you wore the hijab and how did you feel about wearing it?
I started wearing the hijab at the age of 15. I was a bit scared because I heard that a girl can’t wear it if her mother doesn’t. However, I was always fascinated with it and really wanted to try it out but because of my fear, I couldn’t. Later on, my husband encourage me to do so and ever since then I was proud to be a hijabi. I did lose a lot of friends because of this as I was the only hijabi till high school senior year. I felt lonely but Alhamdulilah, I stayed strong.

4. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?
I’ve always wanted to be a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator); it’s my dream to solve murder cases. As a young kid, I would always attend police shows or documentaries on murder. I just love watching them! But for now, I think I’ll study to become a fashion designer.

5. What are your tips for putting together a perfect outfit?
Usually, I would work around one item and craft the entire outfit based upon it. Also, if I happen to be wearing something plain, I like to accessorize it with a statement necklace or fancy shoes. Basically – I just mix and match and experiment a lot!

Fun fact: Selda just turned 20! Wish her well on her social media accounts:

Website | Email

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