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a day with Sherly Lopez, co-founder and designer of The Velvet Street

Sherly and I met in 2011 during my first experience in a full time job. I can say things would have been so different without her around and I’m so glad we managed to stay in touch after parting our own ways. Being the crazy person that I am, Sherly was the calm and reasonable person in our little group. She still pursued her love for graphic design and photography which led her to creating The Velvet Street along with her friend Urooj.

Sherly is one of those people that can be both a great friend and colleague. She always has something new to teach me; after all, she is an Aquarian! Her creativity and love for learning may have connected us but her secret crazy side is what really brought us together.

Here are some questions for Sherly to get to know more of what she does:

1. How did you start The Velvet Street together with Urooj?
Well, Urooj and I studied together in college and shared similar interests such as food, fashion, photography, etc. Let’s put it this way: I enjoy photographing, she likes posing, and that’s how The Velvet Street was born!

2. How do you make your work stand out from other designers?
I believe I have a quirky approach to working and am always attempting at trying new things in order to develop my skills and creativity.

3. What is your most used tool when designing/ taking photos?
There isn’t really a single tool I prefer using. Like I said, I’m always trying new methods and techniques to keep me interested – it helps me grow as a designer. So I guess you could say that’s my tool of choice!

4. What time of day do you find yourself to be most productive?
Oh Deama, me and productivity! Haha! I’m not sure – probably after I’ve had a couple of beers.

5. Sherly, we’ve been friends for a while. Can you work with me instead?
Yes, I’d love to work with you any day!

(well, that was easy)

Fun fact: The Velvet Street’s Urooj was nominated for the Masala Awards 2015. Click here to vote!

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