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The go-to online retail destination for modern style, Shopbop offers a comprehensive, hand-picked collection of apparel and accessories from the industry’s foremost contemporary and designer labels. Shopbop has grown into one of the world’s leading fashion authorities

Yesterday was Shopbop’s Spring ’16 Fashion Preview!

Although our visit to the event was brief, we were treated with complete hospitality and got offered a tour – introducing us to all the wonderful pieces that will be making their appearance on the website. By the time the tour was over, I had already feast eyes on a pair of Acne Studio silver Adriana Metal Sneakers and Chiaria Ferragni’s gold Flirting iPhone Eye case (no pun intended). On the way out, I picked up a goodie bag as a thank-you gift with a Kenzo pouch nicely tucked inside along with some other treats.

Now, onto the review:

I can honestly call myself experienced when it comes to online shopping. Not only did I have my share of good and bad encounters, I also learned to immediately tell apart honest vs scam websites. One time, I purchased an item from an online regional website that had an “authentication stamp” under each of its items. However, once I received my item, I realized that it was counterfeit. Let’s just say that I never bothered returning to that website, regardless to its reputation or service. That was a red flag in my book and I could no longer trust them.

Shopbop is a verified and 100% safe shopping website that caters to a wide audience. It features both independent and designer brands as well as discounts on different occasions.

Navigating through the website is incredibly easy and lets you tailor your choices according to your preference. For example, not only can you browse items according to your favorite designers or hearts (favorite items), you can also display them according to type, color and price range.

Shopbop also has a phone app that is mobile friendly and has a clean layout. It makes for easy and quick shopping – especially when keeping an eye out whenever certain items are on sale.

I do have my list of websites to shop from and Shopbop is definitely among the top three. Not only is the service speedy and impeccable, I always get surprised with how fast my orders get delivered to my doorstep.

Fun fact: post 5 April, there will be a 25% discount off of select items on, so stay keep your eyes peeled for the code!












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