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Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

We usually mock the concept of waking up looking good, thus the phrase “I woke up like this”. Although it may seem like a farfetched idea, attaining natural, healthy beauty as you sleep is possible. Now that winter is here, dry skin is bound to be experienced at some point. Instead of using expensive products to make up for that lack of moisture, I strongly recommend some natural beauty products.

Here, I share with you some things I do as my nightly beauty routine:

Eyebrows and eyelashes: castor oil

This is a ritual that I swear by; I learned about it from my grandmother in Syria. And although it sounded strange to me at first, I saw how it affected my eyebrows and eyelashes. Give it a couple of weeks and you will notice the difference, too.

Lips: coconut oil

Apart from sugar scrubs, sleeping with moisture on your lips helps gives it that plumpness and moisture needed during your hours of sleep. Use coconut oil for a delicious and chemical-free lip treatment.

Face vitamin: E and almond oil

Vitamin E rejuvenates your skin after being exposed to free radicals and harmful atmosphere. Repairing skin cells is made possible by consuming/ using antioxidants for your skin. As for pure Vitamin E, most of you know that you’re able to find it in many beauty products. Cococare’s Vitamin E gel is cheap and easy to use, especially when combined with Almond oil. Use that as a nightly moisturizer (or with a neutral moisturizer like Cetaphil, if the smell bothers you). You will thank me for this.

Hair: Argan oil

This is especially helpful if you shower in the morning; sometimes oils can weigh your hair down, especially during sleep. However, with small amounts, Argan oil work amazingly well for giving your hair that luster and depth needed.

Hands: LUSH’s Helping Hands

Maybe not a drugstore product but I could swear by LUSH’s Helping Hands cream. I never imagined finding something so effective and quick. If you have very dry hands (especially to those of you who wash dishes without wearing gloves) this is perfect for you. I can never complain of having dry hands again.

On another note: if you enjoyed learning about some of these natural beauty products, you can read more about them here.

Featured image is by Krista Mangulsone and is used for illustrative purposes only.

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