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five things I learned from working at a full time office job

In two of my previous jobs, I was directly involved in UAE’s art scene. I used to participate in events and it made for enjoyable times. However, ever since working in an office with no involvement in the art scene, it created a whole new experience for me – not necessarily good or bad.

Working in an office from 9 – 5 meant physically staying there and being attentive to a lot of things around me. I enjoyed catering to the others but it dawned upon me that with the lack of creative tasks to do, it was slowly causing me to disintegrate. Regardless, I was able to gain from this experience and put whatever I learned to good use in my personal life. Here are five things I gained from working in an office:


Not like I lacked discipline in my work, but staying for long hours in an office teaches you to be more attentive and careful to the smallest of details. While I wasn’t the most cautious about some things, I learned to be alert in my personal life, including in my appearance. For example, I became more aware of how to dress, act and speak professionally. It also taught me to be more organized with my tasks and deadlines. When you’re doing a job that involves sticking to a routine, it shows you things that you might never have noticed before

Decision making

In certain situations, it might be difficult to be able to judge or what to do next – especially when exposed to pressure. Working in an office means you are oftentimes required to make quick decisions. Now, I still have a long way to master this skill but it has proven to be quite useful in most situations I encounter now. Sometimes, you have to trust your instincts and just believe in your choices; doing this takes you a long way

Appreciating free time

Because working for long hours 5 days a week gives you a lot to think about, it also let you understand how to manage your time more efficiently. Those free days where you spend doing nothing would become the most important days in your life. You begin to plan your schedule during the week so that you ensure that those two days become your happiest. In my case, I learned to utilize those extra hours I get after returning home from work – making sure I finish up my remaining assignments, artwork, shows, books, etc..


Because you would only have so much time to spend outside working hours to do important tasks and to relax, it’s equally important to learn how to filter relationships and choose who to spend time with. By spending long hours at work, it helps you appreciate your remaining hours of the day/ weekends and make you realize who you would want to use these hours on. It sounds silly, but in my case it really helped – especially since I’m an introvert and therefore cherish every minute spent introverting

Saying “No”

One of the best things that I learned from having to work at a full time job is knowing when to say no (not that I actually had a problem with this before). Sometimes, when you are feeling overwhelmed at work, school life or social life, it’s necessary to take a step back and say no. You can’t handle everything given to you and it could even lead to losing your focus and attention – which is what you ultimately want to avoid Saying no at the right moments can be the exact solution to any problem

 On another note: Obviously, there are other ways to be more productive and organized with your time than working in a full time job but being how I am, I can be a bit of a sloth. So having an office job really helped.

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