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“without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable” – William Pollard

Each year, I try to think of things that I wish to change about myself. While I am content with myself as a person, there’s always more to look at in terms of how I can improve myself and the environment around me. By doing so, I learn better and can also teach others to act the same.

Here are my top 5 things to consider for the year:


The average human consumes around 31 animals annually (source)
Factory farms (intensive livestock production) raise animals in limited space in order to create mass produce and profit at the expense of their lives. These animals are raised and slain unethically
Human’s need for fur, leather, wool, etc, has decreased through time and can be replaced with more eco-friendly material. How much do we really need them today? (source)
Tip: Cut down direct animal products such as meats, milk, cheeses and leather


Eating foods with too much sugar/ having a lot of sugar may cause insulin resistance in the body, leading to illnesses such as diabetes
Sugar will ruin your metabolism and in some cases even affect your hormones
Sugar can be addictive! Withdrawing suddenly from it will give you headaches and fatigue
Tip: Cut down your sugar intake by boycotting soft drinks, white and brown sugar and replacing them with honey for natural sweetening


Treating and seeing people as equals is an essential part of human behavior
Remember: “be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. Not everyone may have the same things that you do, so appreciate them and learn to be understanding to people’s behaviors
Charity: when you give more, you receive more! It can even be a small act of kindness such as giving away a portion of food to someone in need, or a tip to an employee
Enjoy the moment (Lugee) and plan for the future
Don’t forget to share a smile or a kind comment – a lot will appreciate it
Tip: Please and thank you are magic words that work. Use them more often


Don’t fear of not being able to fulfill a vision; anything is possible
If you’re unable to reach where you want to be, steer your direction a little and find new ways that will guide you to your final vision
Jot down your progress and praise yourself with how far you’ve managed to come
If you’re happy with your ideas, don’t let anyone bring you down. Pursue your goals and don’t look back
Dream often and work as hard
Tip: Work bit by bit on any of your projects to improve your progress – just don’t stop

Being educated

Face the truth and hardships of today, such as what’s happening in the world and how you can find/ create ways to be a part of it. Praying for wellness is the least thing you can do
You need to eventually learn that people may bring you down, hurt you or betray you. Be your own reliable source and work for your own benefit by learning how to be independent
Teach yourself and others how to listen more and how to give
Read a bit about everything, everyday. When you educate yourself, you gain more power
Tip: Don’t overwhelm yourself, start by reading forums, blogs and newspapers and don’t ever be hard on yourself for not understanding something

Fun fact: I often write to myself in the future via Future Me; it helps refresh my memory and show me how much progress I’ve made in a duration of time

Disclaimer: featured image is by Marcin Czaja and is used for illustrative purposes only

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