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“keep true to the dreams of your youth” – Friedrich Schiller

They say your 20s are the prime of your life! That’s true – and while youth is not restricted to a number, many people do not take full advantage of their younger years. This is why I decided that my Top 5s post of the month under the theme Prime will feature five young bloggers that are 21 and under.

Although we see a lot of older and more experienced bloggers in the art and marketing industry, there are a lot of upcoming very young enthusiasts with a mature and immaculate sense of style. It surprises me and also joys me to see how they are utilizing their creativity with a completely fresh, unconventional and creative outlook on life.

Without further adieu, below are my top 5 favorite bloggers of age 21 and under:

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Taiba from The Urban Analyst

Taiba is a 15 year old Kuwaiti young lady with mixed heritage. She is currently in high school and runs a blog by the name of The Urban Analyst. I believe I came across her Instagram through Ascia AKF and was so intrigued by her sense of fashion. Her style is so unique in a sense that it brings together a London-inspired look along with a minimalist approach, creating a masterpiece! She is incredibly mature for her age and enjoys attending exquisite events and art shows.

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Parva from State of Style

Parvane Barret, creator of State of Style is a 16 year old half French and half Persian blogger based in Dubai. I first came across Parva during FFWD Season 6 and she was the muse of many people there. I definitely see a touch of French fashion in her style as well as an affiliation with ankle boots, sports shoes and denim. Some of her outfits are an interesting mix of Balenciaga, UNIF and Zara, brought together in an elegant manner.

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av2014Amy Valentine

I absolutely fell in love with Amy Valentine’s style and fashion choices upon stumbling across her channel on Youtube. Faux fur, boots, leather and ripped jeans? Yes, please. Amy’s great sense of style is a mix of Grunge and London-inspired fashion. The 20 year old knows how to keep an outfit well put together regardless of how many pieces she layers or how much jewelry/ accessories she wears. What makes her even cooler is her pink hair and her love for Pokemon, cats and Metal music.

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Imane from Fashion with Faith

For those who don’t read/ understand Arabic, the word Iman(e) literally translates to ‘faith’ – and Imane being a modest fashion and beauty blogger, did the perfect job with naming her online identity. Imane Asry (currently 21) is a Moroccan blogger and vlogger based in Stockholm, Sweden. I can say that her style represents true modest wear and inspires anyone who leans toward the minimalist, elegant and modern style. Her fashion picks mostly include nude shades, cotton and jersey fabrics and loose cardigans, pants and dresses. Some her most worn brands include ACNE Studio, Adlina Anis and Monki (oh, how I love Monki).

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Hayla from Hayla TV

I know my post was aimed at bloggers – and while Hayla is actually a vlogger I still couldn’t resist not including her on my Top 5s. Hayla Ghazal is a Syrian social media figure with a degree in Business Management and Marketing from the American University of Dubai. She focuses on fashion, beauty and lifestyle in her videos and has a great influence on younger girls, especially those who are shy and may have trouble communicating with others. Through her creative and chipper personality, she gained a large fan base and has earned recognition on a wide scale. Also, it’s worth noting that Hayla is the owner of a bridal and evening gown shop under the name Hayla Couture.

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12716708_1137444389600500_1649623522_nOn another note: Although there are a lot of male fashion/ style bloggers out there, I just couldn’t think of any that are under 21. Feel free to recommend some!

Disclaimer: All of the above images belong to their rightful owners and are used for illustrative purposes only. Feature image is from Photopin photo credit link

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