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five benefits I gained from having a plant-based diet

Some of you may already know that I am trying to make the shift towards becoming vegetarian. I can say that I am progressing well, especially since I’ve been educating myself on the subject of mass produce. Knowing this made me cut down greatly on my consumption of meat.

I’ve been focusing on having a vegetarian-based diet, eating two serving of fruit and vegetables everyday for two months now. How do I feel? Not much different, nor do I look any different. Regardless, I can share what I’ve benefited from this:


While I definitely do feel lighter (I don’t mean my weight), my skin looks clearer and my mood is generally better, I don’t consider that to be a real change. What I have noticed, though, is that it helped me get over certain problems like indigestion and the feeling of being bloated.


I started exploring a wider range of things to eat.  Training myself to eat more fruit and vegetables made me actually enjoy eating fruit that I didn’t prefer before, like oranges. Though I can’t say the same about bananas. Sorry, bananas, you’re still on the edge for me.


Fruit and vegetables help curb cravings. Eating sweet fruit such as peaches, grapes and types of berries has definitely helped me with my crazy sugar cravings. If I really wanted to have something sweet, I would dip the tip of an orange “slice” in chocolate spread.

Cutting down on meat

While I dislike eating meat in general, having a semi plant-based diet made me turn away from meat. I just don’t feel the need to have it anymore, at least not as often. I don’t find the idea of giving it up strange, especially that mammals were never a part of my diet to begin with.


Of course, since I deliberately started limiting my meat intake, I learned to discipline my senses. By being able to control what I eat and do, I’ve learned to create a balance in many things in my life. Some may find that thought to be strange but I’m happy with being able to benefit from my “diet.”

On another note: there’s a huge debate on whether humans were designed to digest meat or not. Regardless to whether it is or isn’t true, my post isn’t about why we should be vegetarian but rather how eating more plant-based meals help boost our general health.

Featured image is by Daria Nepriakhina and is used for illustrative purposes only.

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