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Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Part of self-love is having a higher standard for your inner circle” – Mastin Kipp

As the sun was about to set into the far horizon, we decided it was an ideal time to do a quick photo shoot of my tribal-inspired outfit.

Prior to the event, I didn’t think much about what to wear; all I knew was I wanted to have lightweight, colorful layers, mixed patterns and an edgy touch. I ended up wearing just that.

I put on my favorite kimono and paired it with loose but structured pieces of clothing that gave the outfit a perfect Tribal finish. I wore a turban (possibly the first time ever) – and hung the hood of the top over my head. I let my other scarf wrap itself around me and it made for a perfect photo prop!

I have to admit, although I love my 1460 eye Docs, it was getting too hot to bear. I had to kick them off as soon as we were done with the shoot.

Regardless of the hassle and the inhaled sand, I found this little project to be far different and unique from my usual shoots. The sun and sand complimented the many colors of my clothes perfectly.

On another note: you can learn more about the cause behind ‘Water is Life’ here.

Loose top | Zara
Trousers| Monki
Boots | Dr Martens
Kimono | Orchard Lane

img_5805 img_5745 img_5765 img_5783 img_5785 img_5786 img_5767 img_5789 img_5797 img_5803 img_5817
Song: Nightinga – Yanni

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