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learn about my top favorites from my most recent trip to the States

Every part of the world  has its perks and quirks but I have never been so inspired by any other culture like the American one. Although I haven’t explored many States, I had my fair share of traveling around. It’s usually the same things that seem to attract me during my journeys.

Here are my top five highlights for my most recent adventure:

Vintage hunting

When living in Dubai, you start forming an appreciation for things that are vintage; everything here is either new, unused or can be purchased off certain sites. In terms of vintage shopping, such a thing doesn’t tend to exist around here, which is why I was extremely excited about going around hunting for old items in the States. Fortunately, I managed to lay my hands on a pair of vintage glasses to replace my original ones and a maxi jean jacket (as seen here). I forgot how fun shopping really was until we started tracking down vintage shops! Vintage shopping is a way of bringing back old pieces in trend as well as reserving resources as a way of ethical shopping.



While art is all around us, graffiti art in Dubai is rather uncommon (unless it’s been commissioned). The purpose behind this is to keep the city clean and well maintained, which is actually a good cause. In the States, you can spot art on walls and streets – as if going through other people’s personal journals or thoughts. I really felt inspired by those artists’ works and you can see some here.



If it’s one thing I would travel across the world for, it’s food. People usually enjoy sightseeing, shopping and exploring – and while those things are also on my list, I always keep food as top priority. I could never enjoy a trip without some good food, especially since I’m a fussy eater. Thankfully, I managed to reward my taste buds this time around. My family members showed me the top eateries around Michigan, including a local pie shop known as Sister Pie. Until this day, I have not had tastier pies. Apart from that, I had the greatest pleasure trying out a variety of vegetarian plates.

IMG_7278 (1)

IMG_7406 (1)


One of the main purposes of traveling is visiting attractions and landmarks. Before heading back from my graduation to Michigan, we visited the Strong Museum (of Play) in Rochester, NY. In Michigan, I got to visit The Henry Ford Museum, Detroit’s Downtown, Detroit Institute of Art, Ann Arbor, Detroit River, University of Michigan and other older parts of the city. You can sense the culture flowing throughout every alley and street in the state. Experiencing such rich history in person is a refreshing experience.



Speaking of refreshing, the nature in Michigan is especially so. I consider myself to be a nature lover and enjoy contemplating the scenery around me every once in a while. The scents, colors and atmosphere are extremely vivid in certain parts of the States and I was overwhelmed by Michigan’s natural beauty. Of course, this didn’t last long due to my strong dislike for warmer weather and the random wasps and bees roaming around. I managed to absorb enough of what I could get though, and I feel way more inspired and rejuvenated after strolling in the greenery. Not to mention that seeing random squirrels made my little exploration journeys complete!

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On another note: packing is an essential part of being prepared for a great trip. You can read some of my tips on packing here.

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