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Showing love and support for Standing Rock that is holding space for a massive awakening and global heart connection. Celebrating in solidarity with all the indigenous people who have fought battles for many centuries protecting the waters, the forests, and Mother Gaia – our Earth.

For those who are unaware of the situation with the Standing Rock, I would encourage you to read on the matter and stand with the cause.

This was an incredible experience that brought people in unity – in hope and in belief that the world can be saved. Our vibes and prayers shall be heard.

We danced, beat to drums, sang and meditated to our hearts’ desire. With our faces painted, our bodies embroidered with colorful fabrics and our souls filled with hope for the world.

During our little journey, I realized that I never did spend time out in nature, especially since this would be my third time in Dubai’s desert!

Although the sand became a bit irritating afterwards, I began appreciating the beautiful scenery and tried taking in as much clean air and energy as I could. I really enjoyed having a shoot amongst the golden sand and pale blue sky. There was strange comfort in the serenity of the desert.

Fun fact: We were connected by fate – as the purpose behind the event was not meant to be spread across social media to gather people. Instead, those who encountered the details by chance signed up for it and ended up meeting at the designation.

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Song: Mykonos – Fleeting Foxes

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