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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Years have we spent on wishing for the smaller and bigger things to come true. Some good and some harmful to us – but nevertheless, they’re what our hearts desire in the end and not something that we can control. I dedicate this post to my wishes and goals for the rest of year 2016. And in case you’re wondering why I’ve just created this post now, it’s because I was born on February – and who manages to start achieving dreams from the start of the year, anyway?


(and not the kind of “goals” people tag on social media)

  1. For this year, I aspire to do more charity work
  2. Network with other bloggers in the community
  3. Eat less animal meat and products
  4. Revamp my art portfolio and draw more often
  5. Learn French


  1. I wish for the current situation in Syria and other countries to subdue
  2. I wish for people to learn how to cooperate and work as one – supporting and empowering each other instead of acting against one another
  3. I wish to discover my true passion and pursue a career in that
  4. I wish for my depression to disappear
  5. I wish for my hard work to pay off

Fun fact: for positive thinking and manifestation, create a mood board of things you really want (clippings of images that reflect your wishes) and they might come true eventually! In my case, everything I posted on my mood board happened.

Disclaimer: feature image is from by Dmitry Ratushny

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