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“’tis said that wrath is the last thing in a man to grow old” – Alcaeus

Nothing angers me more than people cutting in lines. Wait, there is something: art theft. I don’t mean to make this post appear to you as negative but I will be writing into the matter of wrath.

I wish I didn’t have to watermark my art but it’s just one of those things in the creative industry where work and ideas get imitated in one way or another. There is also a huge amount of art theft for some reason. One of my favorite works ‘Lost‘ was made by me in 2012 and it gained decent recognition in the country ever since being displayed in a couple of exhibitions. It was created during a time when I was completely lost and unsure of my decisions. Everything turned out to be great and I am so grateful.

Almost a year later, I find an artist with a piece so eerily similar to ‘Lost’, it left me appalled. The worst part was, it looked tacky. It’s often easy to tell when an artist’s work shows no consistency in their remaining works and overall style.

During the time I painted this buck, I was going through a strange transition in my life and I had a lot of new feelings. Taking someone else’s ideas is like a bad joke because it’s basically just saving them the time and effort. They wouldn’t know how the original artist felt while producing a piece so close to their heart. There’s never an excuse for anyone lazy enough to take an idea and “edit” it.

Art shouldn’t be copied or stolen (yes, even though no artwork is a 100% original).

Rant over.

On a side note: Click here for some tips on dealing with laziness or lack of motivation.

Disclaimer: All of the above images are from ISO Republic – by Tom Eversley

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