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On the weekend of September 17-18, tens of thousands of people around the world will get together to explore their creativity and connect with others around a theme that unites us all – food!

Every year, Instagram bloggers from around the world come together in different cities for the gathering. This year, I attended my first Worldwide InstaMeet in Sharjah. Hosted by Marjanne (from Boho Wanders) at Paper Fig Desserts, the location matched this year’s theme perfectly: food!

Situated in the heart of Sharjah just behind University City, Paper Fig Desserts started their business by offering desserts. As the business flourished, their menu expanded and so did their space. Because of this, people from all around the United Arab Emirates come all the way to enjoy a meal (or two) at Paper Fig.

I wasn’t sure why the meetup was held there specifically until I saw the interiors and what the place had to offer. I have to say, the event went by smoothly and the space fit just fine; everyone had a seat and their own set of menu.

As I first entered, I was greeted by Marj and then had to write down my name and draw two separate papers; one of which contained a name and the other, a number. I wasn’t sure what they meant until the time came to start the meetup activities.

We started by sitting at the tables that were assigned for us when we drew those numbers and I sat with Marjanne, Troy, Ango and Shazia. For the second activity, we had to search for the person whose name we drew and take a Polaroid picture of them to hang on the wall. I drew Paul’s name (from The Style Choreo) and we set out to find the best location for his shot. As for myself, talented photographer Ango had my name drawn and he did a great job with taking my photo.

We all then headed back to our seats and started picking out what we wanted to eat. All tables had a different menu, which made for a really fun sharing experience. The best part of the event was the photo competition; those who wished to participate would have to take shots of the food, share it on Instagram and then tag Paper Fig’s accounts and include their tags.

While watching everyone being on the hunt for the perfect photo, I was helping Shazia with her captions and angles. Not so much later on, we sat at our assigned tables and gobbled up the delicious food. Soon after, the names of the winners were announced – each of the top three winners got a voucher worth AED 500, AED 300 and AED 100 respectively to spend at Paper Fig.

Everyone continued to enjoy the event as we sat down and chatted to each other, exchanging social media usernames and blog addresses. Although it was my first meetup experience, it felt wonderful and I am definitely looking forward to next year’s.

On another note: A huge and special thanks to Marj and the Paper Fig Team for hosting us. It was a job incredibly well-done!

Song: A Quai – Yann Tiersen

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